Saturday, June 30, 2007

IPower Driving Me Nuts

It seems like everytime I do business with Ipower hosting I walk away from the experience telling myself that I will never do business with them again.

But I keep doing what should be more simple transactions with them and they keep screwing things up more and more.

I think I am going to establish my own hosting or reseller account for domain registrations.  I've had it really with IPower.  They just continue to fail no matter how many second chances that I give them.  Their tech support people seem to have a brain made up of a single brain cell or maybe just a dash of amino acids and half a peptide.

I tried looking at GoDaddy for this type of thing.  They advertise $1.99 domains, but you have to jump through so many goofy hoops that you wonder just how much you have to pay to get the opportunity to buy something for $1.99.

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