Saturday, June 16, 2007

Keyword Plurality

You may work to optimize your keywords on occasion chasing that top spot on google, but are you paying attention to the top spot for plural versions of your keywords?

You can check the numbers in Overture on keyword searches for plural derivatives and you will not find the results most of the time.  They are all lumped in together.

But try a google search and note the slight differences in results.

I tried a search on Swiss Army Watch and Swiss Army Watches.

You will not see a night and day difference on this (except with the number of adword ads on the singular compared to the plural).

There is one difference.  EWatches appears in the number 5 spot for Swiss Army Watch but comes in at number 7 for swiss army watches.

Many companies would kill for seven but 5 is better and the top 3 is the goal, especially on words where Google runs a lot of sponsored ads at the top.  As you are putting together your keyword campaigns you should consider the plural versions of the search and maybe even a few mis-spelled versions too!

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