Saturday, June 30, 2007

Monetizing the Public Domain Update

I wanted to give you an update on this project.  This project has been going fairly smoothly.  I've been picked up by a half dozen Paid to blog advertisers at this point.  Plus, I'm finding some cool and interesting content to hit.

I think I am going to expand this project out into additional sub domains on several related topics.  This time, I'm going to run everything off of one database and see if I can code the headlines into the primary home page.

So I will have a home page on the primary domain, with one directory blog on the primary domain.  Then I will run maybe 2 additional blogs at a time on sub domains.

I'll get a good PR build off the directory blog and the home page for the domain.  I'll also get individual PR builds off of the other sub domains and increase my earning potential on all the domains.

I've just started monetizing the site.  So far it has earned about $50.  Not too much, but it literally just started earning money.  I invested about $10 in the book at auction.

I spent about 3 hours on setting up the blog and its theme, which I'll likely duplicate on the other sections.  So I'm probably at the break even point right now, getting ready to go profitable.

Right now my daily earnings potential is only about $30 per day(3-4 days per week), but with the addition of more sources of revenue will increase that soon enough.  Then maybe I can channel some of my new found revenue into my dream house and hire a good real estate broker to help me with some of the heavy lifting on the house hunt. That will then give me more time to focus on my other blogs and sites and I can keep printing money for the next round of investments.

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