Thursday, June 14, 2007

When Web Partners Fight

I mentioned in my last article about the problems associated with your web partners that devolve into a turf war.  Last night I wrote up an article about the developing turf war between Google and PayPerPost.

They are essentially fighting over bloggers and the revenue that bloggers generate.  In many ways, both companies treat bloggers like cattle and they are just working to send us off to the slaughter.

The thing is that neither company is engaging in a business practice that is good for consumers, the industry, bloggers or possibly even their own bottom line.  They are fighting each other when they could be existing synergistically together.  Check out the article with all its details and let me know what you think?


This site utilizes Adsense.  It does not utilize PayPerPost (It did for a short time in July of 2006 but is no longer registered in the PPP program.  I do have other bogs that run in the payperpost program and some of those also utilize Adsense.  I personally like both systems and would like to see them get along.)

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