Thursday, July 19, 2007

10 Articles You Should read to be a Successful Blogger

Performancing provides an excellent community where Pro Bloggers share their insights into blogging.

At the beginning of the week they put up a great collection of 10 articles that every blogger should read at least once(here's the link to the article).

Here are the titles of the articles

  1. How to Write Magnetic Headlines
  2. How Can 10 Simple Articles Change Your Life
  3. Scan-able Content
  4. 10 Killer Post Ideas
  5. 7 Steps to Being Recognized as an Expert
  6. Converting One off Visitors to your Blog into Regular Readers
  7. 5 Simple Ways to Open Your Blog Post with a Bang
  8. The Art of Linkbaiting
  9. Before You Begin Blogging: A few things you should know
  10. 5 Surefire Steps to Increase Readership 300% (or more)

You can join Performancing for free with our invitation.

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