Monday, September 17, 2007

The SEO Benefits of Static Clean provides a service that can only be relevant on the internet.  Like a clothes dryer generates static and sometimes sticks a sock to your back or something.

The Problem

On the web there are many tools these days that enable people to dynamically generate content.  The dynamic aspect means that the content is piped in from a different location and it usually doesn't provide the search engine anything to index.

The Solution

Enter and their static pages generator.  Their software helps to build hundreds if not thousands of pages of static pages that are designed for search engine optimization and search engine marketing.

With a static page, a search engine bot can take its time and read through the site.  It can then be indexed and listed and ultimately found in search engine results.

Personally, I do like the concept that this search engine optimization software offers, but I need to see it in action and I would like to see some pages that it has generated to test it to see if it can generate valid html code for example.  I've written to the company and I am awaiting more feedback.  I'll keep you posted as I learn more.

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