Monday, October 01, 2007


I received an email today asking if I had heard of BLOGRUSH.  This is somewhat similar to some of the services provided by Blogmad and Blog Explosion

This is not a surf exchange however as those are.  They sign bloggers up, categorize their blogs and grab the feed for the blogs.  They then rotate headlines from the feed through widgets on other bloggers sites.

For every impression a blogger that signs up receives when someone looks at their own site running the widget, then that blogger will get one of their feed headlines to show up on a different bloggers site (in a blog that's in a related category).

The so what factor

Blogrush provides a referral program that goes 10 levels deep, so your referrals of your referrals  . .. . 10 deep will also bring you credits for listing your headlines in other blogs across the internet.

The down side

  1. This is just another form of barter like advertisement for bloggers. 
  2. It provides related article like headlines, but these are not on your site and they are not with bloggers that you know. 
  3. You seem to have little control over the bloggers that are run in this program. 
  4. Plus, you won't get exposure, unless someone on a different site you do not know, actually sees your headline and clicks on it to view your site.

If you have the space on your sidebar for the widget and it doesn't detract from your content nor clutter things up, this could be nice form of free advertising, but its not likely to earn you enough traffic to generate the dough to go buy Super Bowl tickets with your adense earnings anytime soon.

For what its worth you can get the same capability that BLOGRUSH offers from Blogmad and Blog Explosion.  They offer the same exact functionality, although their referral tiers only go 3-4 levels deep.  These older networks do have a very large and established network though.

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