Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Adsense Subs in Ebay Auction Ads - Do they Convert? Do they Pay?

I just blogged about this on one of my other sites at Top 10 Tech Web Tips.

I am seeing a number of SPAMMY ads showing up under my adsense ads as people push bogus ads through adwords.  These ads then show up wherever I have adsense running on my sites and that significantly hurt my earnings today.


These ads appear to be actually clickable like links (I did not click them but when I hover over them they seem to go to individual items on Ebay.)

I banned all ads from ebay.com and rover.ebay.com to get rid of these off topic sites.

Note this ad placement is from a political site and someone on Ebay has setup ads under an Elections topic or category when the things actually for sale have nothing to do with elections nor does anyone visiting my political sites give two hoots about Ebay.

I do not know exactly what is going on with this trend but it would not surprise me if either Ebay has done a goofy deal with Google or someone is pushing some weird Ebay affiliate link out there so that if someone actually clicks on this, they get the commission for signing up a new Ebay user possibly. 

That is an old old internet scheme that has been used off and on via google adwords campaigns over the years.  They seem to keep popping up in new incarnations.

So save yourself some money on how to get rich through Adsense books and simply ban these if these will not work on your site too.

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