Monday, March 31, 2008

The 250 x 250 Adsense ad is out

For a couple years now people have been saying that the Adsense 250 x 250 or 300 x 250 ad placed at the top or floating to one side or another of an article is the sweet spot for Adsense click through conversions.

These days, I think that ad placement is history.  I am seeing much better conversions on 728 x 90 placements, not at the top but at the bottom of an article. 

Some people would say that you have to put it at the top otherwise they may click away before they get to your ad.  That may be true, but if your content is so crappy that they click away before they get to the bottom then you are probably not doing something right anyway.

Now, I haven't gotten around to updating all of my websites to act on my findings, but I am beginning the process.  I have found that many of Google's new ad types work very well in the widest available format and that seems to be key.

On a different note, I have also seen that relevancy for Google ads are more hit and miss than they ever have been.  Some of my sites are dead on for the topic and other sites are not picking up anything relevant at all.  I had a tech site the other day picking up ads for walk in tubs, and then one of my heaviest traffic sites with the most subscriptions was running PSA (hurricane spots) all day one day.  This might just be the reason why Google is seeing flat click throughs, they are losing control of Adsense relevancy.

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