Monday, March 03, 2008

Crazy Adsense Ads get Attention

horse-through-windshield-adsense-adI saw this crazy Google Adsense ad on tonight.  I didn't click on it and I'm not sure I really want insurance from a company that insures for this type of accident, but then again I have been hit by two deer at the same time . . .


Regardless it makes a great point that image ads get a lot of attention and the right image ad will get you people to your site and get you clicks if you are a publisher.   There might as well be an Adwords hall of fame for advertisers and they should line that hall with fiberglass columns with images hanging from those columns of all the great ad campaigns that have ever been . . .


What's the craziest Adsense/ Adwords campaign you have ever seen?

If you are familiar with the 'fart button' campaign put on by Spencer's Gifts that actually has won some advertising awards believe it or not.

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