Thursday, April 03, 2008

Experimenting with Adsense Continues - Now Google Offers Scrolling Adsense Ads

For several months Google has been experimenting with new ad concepts that automatically display in the areas set aside and accepted by publishers for Adsense.  Most webmasters are not aware that they are participating in Google's experiments and this latest one seems extra peculiar.

Google has added one of the web's most annoying features built into the Adsense block.  The Scroll down bar/button.

That's right your readers can now scroll through adsense ads looking for the ad they are looking for!

Wait a second, how in the world is that useful?

What web visitors want to scroll through and look for more ads?

Trying to play devil's advocate in favor of Google, I suppose that if a reader was some what interested in an ad about bedding, they might see something close to what they are looking for and then scroll down looking for a better fit.

The problem however is in Google's own success.

Most internet browsers typically will rapidly jump to a Google Search box to get an answer as opposed to interacting with a scrollable advertisement.

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