Sunday, April 20, 2008

Google Adsense Secret Scam Fixed with Apology

If you have been following the recent controversy over the new AdSense secrets 4.0, you may have heard about the automatic subscription charge of $29.99 that was triggered if you signed up for it.

Well apparently that was a mistake and Joel Comm has fessed up to that mistake with an apology.  From what I can tell it's difficult to determine whether or not this marketing tactic was done on purpose or not, however all future profits will now be given to a charity.

All that said, it's difficult to tell if the actual product, AdSense secrets 4.0, was really worthwhile or not because most of the buzz is about the hidden $29 charge as opposed to the usefulness of the content.  If you've tried it or read it, I'd be happy or what you think if it's worth the effort are not.

In the meantime you might consider some of the ways to improve your business with business performance management software tools and metrics analysis systems.

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