Thursday, April 17, 2008

Google's Stock Price Rebounds

As the value of the US Dollar (the currency that Adsense is paid out  in the US) plummets, and as oil went over $115 a barrel with expectations of hitting $120 soon, Google's stock price bounced back a little today.

Many people saw their 4th quarter as disappointing, but Google's first quarter showed results that surprised analysts in a good way and people jumped back on the band wagon.  Google's still in a hot business, the business of internet marketing and marketing the flow of information so that is keeping the stock hot.  With no signs of any competitor capable of keeping up with Google's lock on the market, that won't change unless their results take a long term turn for the worse.  So as long as companies want to market directly to internet searchers and as long as those searchers click on ads for things like the best acne treatment and purple pill information and mesothelioma and everything in between, this industry will be safe.  If consumers change their ways, then all bets will be off.

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