Sunday, June 01, 2008

Getting Advertisers to Fight over Adsense Placement on Your Site

There was a time in the past when one of the keys to making money through Adsense was to work like the dickens (never seen a dickens work, but I hear they work very hard) to increase your traffic.  Way back when, Adsense content placements used to pay on a CPM basis more than on a CPC basis.

This inspired a large number content site owners to travel a path of least resistance and generate traffic through unsavory methods, while simultaneously running Adsense ads below the fold or out of site on a website.

Over the last couple of years the times have changed.  Advertisers first stopped paying for non-converting content sites ad traffic and then Google changed the rules a bit to place the incentive with PPC sites that truly convert people to click.

That meant that sites focusing on Adsense revenues had to learn how to structure their sites to convert visitors as opposed to bringing in thousands of non-converting visitors. 

Now today advertisers are even starting to duke it out with sites that are designed well to convert.  I'm not talking about tricking someone into clicking, I'm talking about attracting people to the site and convincing them to take an action and actually even buy.

For this solution or result advertisers will and do engage in something akin to a bidding war for top placement on adsense positions within a site.  This may not happen on every site out there that wants to sell the latest supplement or coffee tables and other furniture but for top converting competitive words on sites that convert well, there can be money to be made and the beauty of this is that the ecosystem is improving in a way that rewards people that actually ad value to the transaction.

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