Sunday, June 01, 2008

Increasing Advertiser Competition on Your Site with the Ban Option

Creating more compelling content and improving the convertibility of your website are key actions that you can take to control the growth and success of your website.

There is another step you can take as well, which is more defensive.  You can block and ban advertisers from your site.  Advertisers will jockey for position on your website, and some advertisers will attempt to use your site for arbitrage purposes.  They will attempt to get fire sale rate placements of their ads on your site.

Sometimes these ads will run next to better paying ads, and the fire sale rated ads might even convert better.

Essentially, you will be giving more converting traffic to lower paying advertisers at the expense of your better paying advertisers.  You can tackle this problem by reviewing the ads on your site on a regular basis and blocking or banning some of the domains that are using your site for arbitrage. 

You can then monitor, and improve the results of your sites and their monetary performance, as your Adsense earnings improve and your savings account grow.

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