Saturday, August 30, 2008

Last Minute Steps to Meet Your EOM Adsense Quota

image It happens to everyone now and then.  The end of the month is two days away and you check your Adsense account only to learn that you're a few dollars short of meeting your goals such that you can be paid by Google. To make matters worse, it's a Saturday, a Saturday like today just before the end of the month when people typically don't read or visit websites quite as much as they do during the week.

So what do you do to bring in traffic to your website, & Generate conversions on Adsense to meet your quota?

The answer is relatively simple, it's all about content. If you need more light, you turn on more lights or put more light bulbs in your light fixtures.  If you need more traffic, you have to create more content!

You need to publish additional content, and you need to do it fast. If you've got some great articles banked or sandbagged now is the time to roll them out and publish. You need to publish them as soon as you can, and if you need to publish multiple articles, you need to publish them in a batch all at once.

The reason for the batch publishing, is that it will give Google enough time to index all the articles and give you the traffic juice that you need in order to convert to meet your goals. Don't trickle out articles all weekend long on blog, right up until the end deadline. That just confuses Google as it comes to look at your homepage and finds that the articles on the homepage continue to change and roll off the end. Blast them all up there at the beginning and then let them sit there until the month's end.

Once they're published, then you need to do a little additional work to give your article some juice.

You need to promote a couple of those articles, preferably those articles that have good captions or pictures to go with them, and if they have video that would be even better.

Go visit your most reliable and regular social media hangouts such as, your favorite forums, publish a couple articles on your Facebook page, and get out there and start talking to some of your other bloggers and friends. Comments on their blogs, you don't have to mention your articles, just remind them that you're out there and leave really good comments so that their readers will find you interesting and possibly research you a little bit more by visiting your site.

If you're a member of the blog surfing exchange, get out on those networks and start networking. Again visit some sites that you know invisible to sites that you don't only of some comments. It's not good enough to go to blog surfing exchange and just rack up points, the real points are in the comments you leave. That will generate you more contacts, and more visitors of substance that are more likely to convert can earn you some money then any of the points you get from the actual exchange. The poison exchange can't hurt, but the substances in the networking and a valuable context that you meet and pick up while you are out there looking around talking to people.

Advanced Users Tip

If you have experience with Google Adwords, you can also boost your incoming traffic, by kicking off a short and inexpensive Adwords campaign on some keywords, pushing people to your site or to a couple of you better, more recent and relative articles.

This isn't for the faint of heart, inexperienced or people with cheap budgets.  However, it does work and it is allowed by Google, even encouraged by Google!

What You Shouldn't Do to increase your Adsense earnings to meet your goal!


  • Never break the Google Adsense TOS
  • Never ask a friend or someone to click on an ad to boost you over the top
  • Don't pay for traffic to your site
  • Don't change your site layout, your adsense layout
  • Don't change your blog theme
  • Don't do anything major to your site that might upset its indexed positions.

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