Saturday, September 27, 2008

Adsense Setup

Earlier today we briefly discussed the importance of creating coordinated text advertisements that compliment your blog page. After taking a look at the Adsense Setup tab and the features therein, I though it might be beneficial to introduce readers to the Video Units feature which can be placed on your blog page and possibly earn additional revenue through a series of related videos.

Clicking on the Adsense Setup tab, you'll be given a series of additional tabs as well as 5 different options for text links and the like. At this point, we are going to develop Video Units (the fourth link from the top). 

Once you select the Video Units link, you'll see a series of boxes on the right hand side of the page that focus on the content of the videos as well as a design/skin setup menu. If you remember our chat earlier, you understand the importance of selecting a complimentary palette to supplement your blog page with. Moving on, after selecting a skin it is time to find some related content.

Lets face it, if someone who regularly reads your sports blog see an advertisement for Cooking with Emeril or info on Delta faucets all your credibility is going to fly out the window. Instead, take your time and use the filters to specify which channels are going to be placed on your blog and the content that they will contain. 

It is also very important to consider what type of parameters your blog has. After all, you don't want half of your videos un-viewable due to your margins and such. Personally, I recommend the vertical columns or small rectangular players. Currently I am using the column players in one of my blogs and am having decent success with it. Feel free to experiment and mix it up to see what works for your blog.

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