Tuesday, September 09, 2008

PayPerPost Loses Pagerank the Old Fahsioned Way - Updates, Schmupdates

image For months if not a year or so PayPerPost has been talking about finally migrating away from a Google Pagerank based system.  They liked the idea so much that they start a brand new division and website around the concept called SocialSpark that has more whiz bang features and feel good, do good requirements to even get Matt Cutt's blessing at Google.

PayPerPost, itself, never stopped using Pagerank.  There were just some customers that used this functionality too much and wouldn't migrate away.  I'm not passing judgment on the need for the necessity to keeping making a buck or two, just saying . . .

Anyway this week when one of PayPerPost's partners ran an update on their own ranking system, PayPerPost's ability to track and monitor pagerank went invisible.

That's probably unfortunate timing as this also happens to be the week that PayPerPost is working to kick off PostieCon or Izeafest or whatever they are calling it this year.  I went to Postiecon last year and learned a great deal about the company, its people, and where they want to go.  Most of it was very very positive.

So anyway, this is likely putting a big monkey wrench into the cash cow that is/was PayPerPost.  It will likely be fixed soon, but nonetheless, it is somewhat ironic that it took a break in the system for them to actually get away from (even if for just a short break) PageRank.

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