Monday, April 17, 2006

Don't Cheat on AdSense

Dont' Cheat!
Ok, so if you haven't picked up on it already, you may have asked yourself, 'What's to stop me or my kids, or friends from going to my website, and clicking on my ads all day long?'

If every single click pays you money, this can be very tempting. It is against the rules of the Google Adsense program. Google is a very smart company. They will figure it out, and shut down your account if the account is abused. When they shut down an account they do not always have to pay you the balance in the account. Better safe than sorry, Never click your own ads.

Don't let someone using your computer click your ads. Don't encourage or request your friends to click your ads. Now if your friends surf to your site, read your article and happen to find an ad that appeals to them and they click on it, that is perfectly fine. If your friend goes to your site and clicks on 3 of your ads, one hundred times, Google will ban your friends computer from generating revenue for you, and they may shut down your account. If you learn that someone is abusing the program or clicking on your ads, notify Google immediately and request that they block the person from your ad money so that your account is not terminated.

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