Monday, May 01, 2006

Auto Submit Your Blogs RSS Feeds to top 58 Directories

RSS FeedSubmit will automatically submit your blog(s) to the top 58 RSS search engines and directories for you.

Get indexed by the search engines faster.

How it works - Search Engines regularly re-index the major RSS Feeds. If your blogs are automatically submitted within their RSS Feed Directories, the Search Engines will follow the links back to your blog or website. Increasing your own Search Engine Performance!

RSS FeedSubmit offers a trial version for download that is free. The trial version allows you to submit your feed to 3 directories at a time. So you can submit 3 at a time over and over until you get to all 58. Or once your hooked like I was, :) , The full version is available for purchase. Its a one time fee (no monthly subscriptions.) of $29.

Considering the time you would have to submit every article you publish to 58 different directories(even 3 at a time), with this tool, you get one stop service. If your site is funded by Adsense or other advertising incentives, the additional traffic should cover this one time fee in short order.

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