Saturday, August 05, 2006

Advertise Anonymously in the Want Ads with MyAdBox

MyAdBox is a new internet service that allows people to advertise anonymously. Through their service you can sign up for a toll free number, an anonymous email address and an anonymous website to display the goods or items you are offering.

They have three different levels of service that range in price from approximately $5 - $20 for 30 days worth of service.

They offer the ability to setup your own voice mail on the anonymous toll free number, and with preimium services you can even setup interactive interview questions on the voice mail. A short and simple website with text and a picture upload is another possibility.

So as an example if you wanted to post a job, apartment for rent, or vehicle for sale in your local paper, you can provide this anonymous toll free number, email address and even a website with a description of the job or apartment and or a picture of the apartment or vehicle.

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