Saturday, November 03, 2007

The Beauty and Irony of the Google Blogosphere Bomb


Google attempted a Shock and Awe campaign on the blogosphere last month.  They targeted publishers and blogs from Forbes to the little bloggers that work for very little money.  Specifically, they were targeting blogs that hinder their ability to remain the king of Search.

It is ironic that the largest search engine in the world would take a defensive measure by lashing out at publishers to protect their business as opposed to fixing their business.

The internet may be virtual but its all about real estate.  Google wants to control the real estate and be the only realtor helping people search for their answers like Century 21 might help you search for a home.  The difference is that Century 21 has many competitors from GMAC to Remax and many others.  Google has a couple distant competitors like Yahoo! and MSN but no one has threatened them, until the rise of bloggers and publishers working to flatten the ownership of the internet.

The real truth is that writers on the internet aid Google bot in indexing the internet.  We help to write about what is going on, what sites are about, what's important and most importantly, Why!

Google bot would not function half as well if it weren't for the writers publishing things on the internet, but Google does not want to share in the control.  They might dole out some Adsense pennies from time to time, but control and power is very different.  Google attacked publishers for the threat to Google's power.  The beauty of this is that Google essentially recognized the power of publishers and the irony is that the attack will only fuel the power and force publishers to take more direct action against Google to stay in business.

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