Sunday, April 20, 2008

Google Stock is Up and So Are Adsense Earnings

Google stock price lurched up last week after Google came in with some great results for the quarter.  In a way this is unsurprising for any of us that have been experiencing a lurch upwards of our Google ad sense earnings.  AdSense clicking activity seems to be on the rise across the board.

It's still too early to tell however whether or not this has anything to do with some of the new AdSense units that are being offered by Google these days.  The stock market may be happy with Google, but that could be more of a function of Google's competitors Microsoft and Yahoo failing to execute while Google draws water.  So before you pop a cork of Riedel wine and celebrate your Adsense and Google Stock earnings, make sure that you are diversified enough in both areas to deal with a changing market this year.

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