Thursday, June 28, 2007

Get your Blog Updated by Google Every Day

Many bloggers and website owners probably stare at their pagerank tool bar button dreaming of the day when their page rank will go up another level or another 2 levels.

The reality is that your page rank is being adjusted every single day, if . . .

That's a big IF

If your site is being searched by Googlebot.  Googlebot does not stop searching the internet and Google does not stop updating their search results.  If your site is indexed and its being searched by Google Bot then you are getting updated everyday!

Google only publishes the results of those cumulative updates about every 10 - 14 weeks and that's when the 'visible' page rank changes.

So don't focus so much on making that big move every three months, settle into a continual improvement cycle and make that improvement every day.

Most Important Strategy Adjustment

The most important strategy adjustment that you can make is to work to get your blog, website and every permalink or article, indexed and re-indexed as often as possible.  This is why deep linking is so important.  You need other sites to link to your deep pages or articles specifically, and you to need to link to your older articles on a regular basis as well.

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