Friday, July 20, 2007

Posting an Image in Your Blog to Make it Available in a Forum

Do you ever post an image in your blog, just so that you can hot link it in a forum and make it visible there without screwing up someone else's bandwidth?

Here's an example from the movie The Incredibles


I wanted to post this picture of Inrediboy from the movie The Incredibles in a forum next to a quote "When everyone is special, no one is special"

I didn't want to point to a site that used it for a movie review, as I didn't want to hot link to them and steal a little image bandwidth, making them pay the bill.  So instead, I loaded it up here through blogger where the image hosting is covered by Big Daddy Google.

I get a blog post with linkbait like images for future Google searches, plus the link from the forum when I hot link back to my own blog and I don't steal anyone's bandwidth that isn't prepared to pay for it.

Why Go to the Trouble?

Some webmasters have to literally pay a bandwidth overage bill if they exceed their allowed bandwidth on their self hosted site.  If you hot link one of their images and millions of people open your page to view their image, then they get a big slap in the face with a bandwidth bill and no traffic.

Unfortunately, no one has invented the concept of Bandwidth insurance yet.  You can purchase pet insurance or Funeral Insurance or even an Umbrella Policy but if you go over on your cell phone or bandwidth you are just out some money!

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