Sunday, January 20, 2008

BlogExplosion - Networking and Building Traffic

I have been working with BlogExplosion for almost 2 years now.  I've seen them go through ownership changes and build up new services left and right.  They have been eclipsed in size a bit by blogmad, but they have maintained their quality over the years which is something very difficult to do in the blogosphere.

Over the last two years I have successfully networked and made real business relationships with about a dozen bloggers.  I have lightly networked with about a hundred in total germinating and cross germinating our articles back and forth and generally building each other up, sharing new ideas, benchmarking and improving our blogging game and more.  I have met a number of great bloggers covering topics from politics to humor, to pets and raising kids.  Not too mention some great photo bloggers and artists, I even helped encourage a friend to kick off a modern furniture blog to compliment his studio work as an artist.

BlogExplosion is not like the defunct Agloco, which used to pay in money for surfing.  Instead BlogExplosion rewards people that surf their network of blogs with credits that can be redeemed for advertising banners or for actual direct referrals to your blog. 

What can be easier that working with a network that introduces your site directly to new readers?!

These days I also find the service excellent for specific article promotion.  Instead of pushing a blog through general circulation to the point that it starts to look like random noise, I save up some of my better articles for blog explosion and light up those blogs on blogexplosion to help build up momentum with those articles, getting them linked by other blogs that reference them, getting them dugg, and stumbled and more. 

note there's nothing that requires any of this activity, but the increased exposure combined with a great article increases the chances of it happening naturally and that is the goal afterall!

BlogExplosion is not by far the only blog surfing network but it is definitely one of the top 2.

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