Sunday, January 13, 2008

Press Release Resource List and Tips

One of the tools that you can utilize to promote your work, your company and your articles is press releases.  Two services that enable you to push out press release include and enables you to create a free account, but will charge you when it comes time to actually submit articles for release. is however one of the largest and most respected companies in the Press release business. is free all the way around, but your press releases will be displayed with's adsense ads (so now you know how they make money to pay for the service).

Many companies and media companies utilize these services regularly to promote products ranging from directbuy furniture to managing buzz about presidential candidates to building up a site for search engine optimization purposes.  Note most press release forms and agencies do not allow embedded html.  That means NO link tags and almost no other tags as well.  You might list a url for a company or website in a press release, but it must typically be a root domain and once distributed the url address is rarely clickable.

List of Press Release Firms

  1. PRWeb (Starting at $80)
  5. (free or $2)
  6. ($49)
  8. (Must follow the German Press Code)
  9. ($399)

More Tips to help you get up to speed with Press Releases

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