Monday, March 17, 2008

Google Selling Impressions through Feedburner

feedburner-advertising You may have missed it last fall, but Google bought Feedburner, the most popular and successful feed management company on the internet.  Now Google has found and interesting way to generate revenue through that company, they are selling impressions to people that want to advertise their feed.

If you want to build traffic to your site, you could look at advertising through Feedburner.  To do this, you must first have a website that runs on a feed.  Then you must set it up with Feedburner.

Once you have that done, you can set up a headline animator and combine that with a more traditional advertisement which Google will then market across thousands of channels to bring your add thousands of impressions (example $25 for 1 week on computer and technology bringing about 4k impressions or about $7 CPM. 

Its not the cheapest and its not the most expensive way to get some attention, but if you are good at creating catchy and timely headlines and if you are decent at putting together banner ads, this type of advertising could generate some real results for you.  It may not be attractive for a Pennsylvania personal injury lawyer, but could do very well for a blogger, business blogger or internet marketer.

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