Sunday, July 13, 2008

EmailCashPro - Getting Paid to Read Emails

Here is a new service I learned about this week.  It seems to be designed so that users from Asia (as opposed to only Americans or English speaking countries) can engage in being paid to read emails that include advertisements in them.

  • EmailCashPro - This particular program is open to Asian bloggers and writers as well as those in the US!

    This type of service is not necessarily one of my preferred ways of earning money, I prefer blogging, but it can be useful to study the method a bit and learn how marketers are using email these days. 

    If nothing else this can help improve your own copywriting skills also by studying the good and the bad.

    This is not the first such service, there are others here if you are interested.

    If you are a student or have lots of spare time, this could give you some extra money for textbooks or gas, but even then I still recommend blogging for earning a second or first income.

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