Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Amazon AStore for your website

Amazon has recently expanded their Associates program to offer up a new concept. Website owners and blog owners or anyone can now create an Amazon AStore or AStore for short.

Basically, this is a store stocked with Amazon products. You define what goes in the store and what categories and you can pick the look and feel of the store.

Amazon does what Amazon does best. They get the product, price it, and ship it and you receive an associate commission on the sale.

Its free to setup with Amazon. The only down side is that you have no control over pricing the products in your store and essentially you are competing with the Customer's that might go directly to Amazon.

You benefit from the fact that your Astore is Amazon and you help your customers by keeping a focused little store with products that they won't have to search for at Amazon.

I'd definitely recommend it since its free. It can compliment your current activities and you can earn a little money on the side, but you won't receive the freedom and control of setting your own price, coupons campaigns and more. For a more advanced E-Commerce Activity, I'd recommend checking out our Guide to Setting up an Easy Online Store in 30 minutes.

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