Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Adsense Ranks Number four on Google for Adsense Tips

Here's an interesting factoid to consider as you are structuring your articles, article titles and file names to promote better and more effective Adsense Ads.  Did you know that Adsense ranks number one for the keyword Adsense?

Yes, OK, I thought you would know that one.

Did you know that the Adsense site only ranks number four on Google for the keyword Adsense Tips?

Yup its true

Even Google sometimes has a hard time staying on top of its own search engine for web pages about itself.  The key point to consider here is that finding the right combination of keywords, like Adsense Tips instead of just Adsense can make a big difference to your placement.  Get those keywords in the file separated by hyphens - and get them in the title and get them in about 5% of the words in your text.  That's a good place to start.  After that you will need to promote, promote, promote!

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