Friday, February 02, 2007

Why Pay Retail Indeed?

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One of our sponsors provided us with a release about their recent coverage on CNN.  Ebates is a service that allows you to shop online through companies and stores and retailers that you would use anyway.  However, they give you access to rebates through those same stores that you would not otherwise be eligible for.

As a real example they will give you 25% back on your purchases from Circuit City.  Do you think circuit city will do that in the store?  Not a chance an that is why CNN said that using Ebates was "A No-Brainer."  Its a simple enough process.  You sign up with them for an account, and then shop through their links to the retailers, that pay Ebates a commission.  Then Ebates gives you a portion of their commission.  Simple enough, no gimmicks, just an easily earned rebate!

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