Tuesday, May 01, 2007

PageRank Updates

A lot of people in the blogging world where buzzing about the latest page rank update. a lot of people are very happy about the boost in pay drink they received and a few people are grumbling about being knocked down a peg or two.

For myself I was very happy to see my page rank go up on a number of sites especially some of my new sites. I saw a number of increases by two or three points and I saw a few increases by a single point. I did have one site drop from a page rank of four down to a page rank of three. Fortunately it's not a site that I rely on for writing income and so it had little impact on me financially. Oddly enough a blog on that same domain in a different directory went from a page rank of zero up to a page rank of four.

So all in all I was pretty happy myself with the update I need to do a little bit more work building up links especially deep links to individual articles which everyone is advocating is the latest trend for ghouls watching. It's not good enough to have a link to your individual homepage it's more important now to have links to the articles within your site. That makes a lot of sense and actually that's one of the founding premises for the new site that we set up under the LinkyLoveArmy.com banner. you can read more about our strategy is here in a deep link under our Wedge blogging Battle Plan.

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