Friday, September 12, 2008

For Blogger users, here is a blog marketing service that could be very useful.  (For WordPress users, you may have some better options in plugins and coding). provides a blog marketing service that could help you generate more traffic. 

What Does do?


  1. So you write an article about on a health blog about diet pill reviews
  2. You run the script for this service on your site just below your posts.
  3. A reader then reads your article, comes to the end of the article and clicks a link to see similar posts.
  4. This opens a new window, and takes your reader to a blog article on diet pill reviews on a different blog running this same script (from the semantic text review of your article).
  5. Other readers on other blogs follow the same process and end up on your site looking at articles that relate to your own.

So basically, the service helps people find related articles to further explore topics.  WordPress users often use plugins to achieve a similar result, but typically only with articles in their own site.  That's good for keeping sites sticky, but not for bringing in fresh traffic.

There is definitely a trade off to consider with this service, but there could be some useful benefits to bringing in brand new readers and traffic.

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Anonymous said...


Thank you for the review. We appreciate your comments and kind words.

Some notes:

- Blogoxy service is available for Wordpress (hosted) as well as for blogger. Our team is working on supporting other platforms as well.

- For similar articles, we give preference to the blog from which the button was clicked. Similar articles from the same blog are posted at the top (most visible) location on the page. This way we try to maintain the stickiness to the blog.

- The button is very small (16X16) pixels. It does not take a lot of space and (as you correctly said) brings new readers to the blog.

Best Regards,
~deek ( team member)