Thursday, December 07, 2006

Be Virally Link Happy!

Here is a little exercise in Viral Marketing to help your website gain some traffic and improve your Page Rank.

I just read a great article over at Make Me a Blogger a newly re-designed website that was ported out of a blogger blog and to its own domain.

The site looks excellent, and I came across a great little article titled "Be Link Happy".

I would highly encourage you to read the article, but here is where you can help your self by helping  . . . .well yourself.  :)

Exercise to build PR

1.  Write a quick 50-100 word article and talk about this article Be Virally Link Happy! that you are reading right now.  Mention the name of the article and the name of the website Adsense for Idiots and then link to both of those names with the actual links.

2.  Then link to the original article and the original web page with the names above.

3.  Then challenge your own readers to repeat this process adding your site to the first bullet point above!

4.  We can then kick off a viral campaign to build links for all of us that read and participate in this exercise!

5.  Drop a comment on the sites that you link to when you write this article and odds are the people that linked to you will come to check out your blog and you'll gain the opportunity to build your Blogging network, you'll pick up some nice traffic and maybe even earn a little more in advertising money!

Keys to success

Its important that as we do this that you write you write your own unique title and that you do not just copy the blog articles that you see.

This exercise will help you build links to your main sites URL and to a deep link in an actual article.  :)  Double benefit.

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