Monday, December 04, 2006

Exodus 3000-Paid To Play

I just signed up with a online game serivce Called Exodus 3000.  They pay you to play an online game, kind of like a roll playing game.

Throughout the game you earn Mars Bucks and at the end of the month you can convert the mars bucks into US dollars.

Along the way you can earn mars bucks by Mining or searching ruins or by attacking people and taking their Mars bucks.  You can build alliances, joing communities and network and many other things.

I highly encourage my readers to try the game out.  Its free to join, sign up here at Exodus 3000

While you are there take a look at how the website owners of Exodus 3000 earns money from Adsense!  Now that is smart and not too difficult either.

You have to actually play the game to see how the Adsense earning works.

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