Saturday, January 27, 2007

Attack Hook- Types of Linkbait

Next up, We will look at the Attack Hook.  Yellow House Hosting's Link Baiting Article covers a type of linkbait that shows how devil's advocates and contrarians can make good on the internet.

If you see an article that you disagree with or that is wrong, you can call it out and attack the article.  You can also attack the writer, the site or the company.

In essence the attack becomes the unique content.  This is not for the faint of heart.

As a practical example, let us say that I wanted to attack the article Why Apple shouldn't have announced the iPhone by Karen Haslam.

Karen talks about how Apple seems to have broken every rule in the Apple Media book and pre-announced the iPhone when it obviously wasn't ready for prime time.

Now if I wanted to attack this article, I might start with a catchy title that will show up in a linkback option on the original page like Karen Haslam Completely Missed the Point of the iPhone Pre-Announcement.

Then I could launch into a tirade about how Apple had to launch the iPhone because their iPod product line is aging very rapidly, Leopard won't be ready till next summer at the earliest and Steve Jobs and the Board are having their sphincters examined by the SEC and they had to do something to get the press away from the scandal and the fact that Karen is to blind to call these reasons out and deal with them as opposed to speculating about whether Apple has a future goody up their sleeve is kind of like speculating 2 months before the implosion that maybe Enron will come out with a great new Energy trading option shortly after they announced their financial scandal.  Karen is obviously to much of a fangirl to realize that the company has serious problems and this was a shot in the dark at a red herring, blah blah blah.

Now don't get me wrong, I don't have anything against Karen and my example is actually a little too nice, but if you go and attack someone or their product or their company it will get you lots of traffic.

If you want to see how a Pro creates good Attack Hook Linkbait read the article offers to sell your soul

Now That's good linkbait!  It received 241 comments, many of which from people that like PayPerPost!

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