Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Are Bloggers Going to be Blacklisted by PPP?

It was bound to happen eventually, but some bloggers are being threatened with the potential of an industrywide blacklist that could be sponsored by PayPerPost.  PayPerPost themselves said as much on their own blog.  The implications of such a move are extremely ugly and definitely not a good thing for bloggers.

At a minimum such a move would work to separate bloggers from each other and provide the advertising industry even more clout in control over what bloggers write, how they write it, when they write it, and why they write it.  PayPerPost is brought a number of great things to the industry but at the same time they are developing into the 800 pound gorilla of the group and they don't always play not ask.  After threatening an industrywide blacklist of bloggers, they were somewhat surprised at the backlash they receive from bloggers.  That does not mean that they're going to mend their ways or even not live up to their own threats.

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