Thursday, August 09, 2007

The Blogosphere isn't Shrinking - The course is being groomed better

 Steve Rubel at recently tripped over an important concept about the blogosphere.  Normally AdSense for idiots wouldn't stoop to the level of covering a website of such low repute as, however if you read through the entire article at the bottom to progress and important concept.  A concept its importance for bloggers and webmasters and Internet marketers.

The concept is that the blogosphere is not shrinking, but the edges are becoming more refined.  There is a useful analogy provided at the end of the article that illustrates the point.

If Web 2.0 is like golf, then a blog is a nine iron, while a micro-blog is a putter. It's all still golf, but bloggers are starting to mix it up, and the course is changing. Therefore, marketers need to adapt. More on that in my next column.

Advertising Age - The Case of the Incredible Shrinking Blogosphere


The point here is that you can get a long way with the blog.  A blog is not necessarily a driver, but you get a lot of distance out of each hit that you have a blog.  However when you get down to the minutia you need to use and mix up some other tools from social networking sites and even possibly some of the new micro-blogging concepts that are coming out of websites like twitter.

Twitter provides a service that allows people to send short messages from their cell phones to a website where their friends can stay connected with what's going on in their lives.  These are similar in terms of length of information to a telegram or postcards that you might send your friends while you're on vacation paid their mail boxes typically after you've already returned.  They don't provide a lot of information, but they do provide a little bit of information and that's entirely the point.

The concept of mixing up your Internet strategy is not new, but the growth is shifting a little bit.  The Internet started with a number of websites that might be viewed as the big rocks that were put into the bucket and then medium-sized rocks such as blogs were added to the mix and now a number of other tools like social networking sites and micro-blogging sites are the small rocks and grains of sand that are filling in all those remaining areas.

It's not only important that they're filling in that area, but they're also serving to connect all the rocks together with many more touch points.  You'll notice that no one is poured water into the mix yet and so the fluidity isn't perfect there are still disconnects out there, however we're getting close and it probably won't be long before someone figures out how to fill the blogosphere up with water.

In the meantime, our hats are off to the hacks at AdAge!  ;)

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