Friday, August 10, 2007

Not Sure if You have found the Perfect Domain Name? Lease it!

Sometimes you just can't be sure if he found the right domain name.  That can especially be true if you're attempting to purchase a domain name.  It's not like he used car you can't kick the tires and take it for a test drive.

Let's not exactly true there's a new service that allows webmasters or anyone for that matter to lease a domain name on a monthly basis or even for periods longer than a month maybe you just want to lease a domain for the quarter for a pop up site or maybe you want to try it out and see what the traffic looks like during certain seasons.  Instead of buying the domain for the long haul you can lease it through a site called


Let's say that you're looking to start a new blog about skin care products and you're not sure if the domain name will bring in the type of traffic that you looking for.  You might build go to and lease the domain and give it a test run only paying for the amount of time that you need to use the domain to potentially establish if that domain will work for you or not.

Their terms range from one month to 24 month terms.  It's a nice alternative as opposed to cyber squatting or picking up a domain for five-day window and dumping it before you have to pay for the actual registration.  It's also a nice way to test of the domain before you purchase it from someone.  Maybe they're offering up stats that can't really be provided after a sale and this gives you a chance to actually take that site for test run.

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