Thursday, August 09, 2007

Google's New(er) Referral Products

For quite some time Google has been offering people the ability to earn money from their referral products .  Firefox with the Google toolbar was the first referral product that they offered.  Basically what any one signed up for a product through your Google referral buttons you get paid by Google (on their extravagantly long and drawn out payment terms).  Will Google is trying to find more ways to monetize referrals and now offers a long long list of products that you can earn referrals through Google's programs.


It's not just limited to things that are related to Google like the Firefox toolbar, it covers a wide range of products.

To find it, simply login to your Google adsense account and click on AdSense setup, then scroll down and choose referrals.


You should be presented with a list of about 13 to 15 different categories.  You can then dive into those categories and find products that might fit your needs.  So if you are looking for natural skin care products you can possibly go into the health category and dig your way down until you find a product that you think might work well on your site.


One of the nice things about thisset up is that you can pick based onthe products that convert very well.Some products don't have much of a history yet as this is still a rathernew area for Google.  But it is an interesting start and might provide you with some good waysto boost the revenue on your site.

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