Monday, May 12, 2008

Ebay the new Domain Marketplace

Many people these days go to eBay to buy and sell domains.  If you are looking to buy a domain or sell a domain, you might try checking on eBay.

Some companies such as are even plugged in to eBay such that if you bid on a domain within their website it could trigger an auction on eBay.

Essentially you might place an order that is below the minimum required to sell on and that triggers an automatic auction.  If your offer is not outbid on Ebay, then you win the domain and are able to purchase it at your bid amount.  You can also increase your bid through eBay while it's going through the auction process.

Buying domains on Ebay is not like buying a used CD, a boat or even wood blinds.  A domain is a non-real product.  It has no physical existence and so I do advise that if you can consider going through first as they offer a very good escrow service for web domains to insure that you get what you paid for and do not get ripped off.

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