Thursday, May 22, 2008

When Your Site is Converting - Prime The Adsense Pump!

From time to time, you will see your performance pick up significantly on your websites.  If you monitor your Adsense earnings throughout the day and happen to notice that your site is running hot, defined as a higher than proportional number of clicks, or also defined as a higher paying click than what you normally see, then you need to prime the Adsense Pump.

What is going on here is that there is something on your site that IS working!  You need to go with the flow and promote traffic to your site to take advantage of the situation.  I'm not talking about click fraud, I'm just talking about those times when a particular ad happens to be running on your site maybe with a topical article and people are clicking it more than what you see with other ads and other articles.

How can you Prime the Adsense Pump?

The easy answer to prime the Adsense pump is to do what Google wants you to do and go buy some relevant PPC advertising of your own, sending traffic to your site so that it can then convert.  You should not pay more than what you are being paid.  This is sometimes referred to as PPC arbitrage. 

Alternatively, if you are a heavy social networker, this would be a very good time to pick up some traffic from, stumbleupon or even from Blogexplosion or other blog surfing networks.

You do not have to be a clinical laboratory service technician to figure out when things are running well, just check in on your Adsense numbers a few times throughout the day, and be prepared to act when they are higher than normal.

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