Monday, May 12, 2008

Search Engine Strategies Conference this Summer

There are two search engine strategies conferences coming up this summer.

They are both part of the search engine strategies 2003 conference and Expo.  The first one is in Toronto in the middle of June and the second one is in San Jose, California in the middle of August.

The Toronto Expo runs from June 16 through June 18.  The San Jose Expo runs from August 17 through August 21.  If you register for the Toronto Expo before May 30 you will save $150 and if you register for the San Jose Expo before August 1 two can save up to $200.

In addition you can use the website magazine priority code which is 10WEBM can save up to 10%.  There's never a better time than now to start learning new things to improve your skills, boost your business and generate more effective results.  Besides either of these events would probably be a great networking opportunity and even a chance to bring home a couple novelty marketing toys for the kids.

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