Thursday, May 01, 2008

Months Over Did You Make Your Adsense Numbers to Get Paid?

Well another month just closed yesterday and if you run Adsense on your site(s), you are probably checking to see if you made your numbers.

For some people that will include asking the question, whether or not you earned enough to generate a payment from this last month.  Did your month go over $99.99 or did your cumulative since your last payment go over $99.99.  If yes then in about 40 days you should be able to expect the receipt of a payment.

For other people the question is 'Did my Adsense earnings go up, increase, or top last months numbers or even last years numbers for the same month?'

Adsense for many users has been going up over the last few months, and so if you are producing regular content or producing regular viewers, you should have seen a sloping increase in your Adsense earnings over the last few months.  Start watching and you can use this as just one benchmark of your website's success.  Its not everything and some sites do not work well with Adsense at all, but it can be a good gauge once you have figured out if its right for you.  Typically, unless there is fraud involved Adsense levels do not fluctuate much if your content levels are the same or balanced.  We're not talking about something like Las Vegas real estate or even Wilmington real estate for that matter.  Adsense tends to be a steady ride up unless you see a major spike up in traffic.

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