Friday, November 07, 2008

Adsense Targeting Keywords

In our last post I mentioned a technique on keyword focusing strategies to implement on your blog that will help keep your Adsense making sense. I also mentioned last week a few instances where sometimes keyword targeting will backfire and place an ad on your blog that speaks opposite of your focus. The ad that I used as an example I found on a friends blog who wrote a post regarding his support of Barack Obama for President. Unfortunately (for his blog), the ad that he wound up with was an ad about a documentary that was anti-Obama. Personally, I thought that it was kind of funny, but I could see where it might make him and his blog look strange.

Sometimes a keyword focus isn't enough and you have to explore your Adsense menu and filter through the menus to find the "appropriate ads" link. I recommend doing this as soon as you select Adsense for your account, it can help keep awkward ads from popping up and making your readers say, "huh?" With any luck you might be able to grab some extra clicks this way too!

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