Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Google AdWords - Writing Effective Ads (Part 3)

In Part 1, I mentioned that Google only allows one exclamation point per ad. This is but one of many rules Google has, not to make it difficult for advertisers, but to protect the experience of the the user. I will use this post to summarize more of the AdWords Editorial Policies.

The first few policies I am going to hit concern the appearance of your ads. There must be correct spacing between words and words must be spelled correctly. Also, no “text speak” such as substituting “U” for “you.” ALL CAPS is also not allowed though you can capitalize the first letter of each word. Another no-no is repeating words for emphasis. Obviously, inappropriate language either in the ad or in the Display URL will get your ad rejected too.

The next few policies deal the content of your ads. First, don’t lie. If you are advertising a special offer, make sure it can be found on your site. Next, if you claim to be the best or #1, you have to back it up in the ad with third party verification. You can say “Voted #1 By ….” but you can’t say “Best Ice Cream in the World” Finally, if you claim to be better that your competition, you have to specifically back up your claim on your landing page. This can be done with a table, a chart, or simply bullet points showing how you are better.

If you simply keep in mind that the content of your add should be honest and should be what draws attention, you’ll do well.

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