Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Traffic Generators Dying Off

Recently, BlogMad announced that they will be closing their "doors" on Dec. 12, 2008 unless they are sold by that date. Apparently the traffic generation business just isn't what it used to be. For those of you unfamiliar with BlogMad, they are one of the better known traffic exchanges in the market and have been in business for several years. The traffic exchange offers their members views in exchange for viewing other blogs in their database. The system is a good source for instant traffic on blogs that are in development or looking to find niche traffic.

Many people aren't very large fans of traffic exchanges due to the lack of organic and focused traffic, but I would have to agree to disagree. I believe that traffic exchanges like BlogMad are great tools for unveiling a blog to a mass/global audience. I tend to roll-out my blogs on those networks to see if my design and content are able to catch a few "fish". After the "beta test", I will then focus on directories, networks, link exchanges and the like if I deem the site/blog viable.

In regards to Adsense, well, Adsense doesn't car for traffic exchanges as they are not truly viable page impressions. If you have used a traffic exchange you know exactly what I mean by that. In addition, I have heard that Adsense has penalized users of traffic exchanges in the past due to that same factor. 

Personally, I really enjoy BlogMad for the social networking aspect via the Shout Box and email functions. I have actually been able to generate a lot of traffic for my blog "Increasing My Blogs Traffic" via tips and techniques to get the most out of that service as well as similar services and other networks. 

Having used a number of different traffic generators and exchanges, I am sad to see that they are dying off slowly. I guess it is just the next stage of the Blogosphere's evolution. 

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Unknown said...

One thing I have been trying out is the Entrecard service. It is more of the same just done differently.

There's some quality users just like all the others, but the majority is spammers.

The cool thing is that if you place your ads on well known sites and if people actually click on them you can get genuinely interested visitors.

- Evan