Friday, September 07, 2007

Adwords to Push Traffic

If you have not used Adwords to promote your blog or even some of your flagship content then you are missing the boat.  Adwords is a relatively cheap way to advertise your site in the most trafficked realm of the internet, Google Search.

You can set daily budgets (even at a $1 a day). 

Now if that's too much for your budget, then you aren't paying attention to my blog because I can make you a lot of money every day so that you will definitely have a $1 per day to grow your site and make even more money.

If you have a blog and you are not making at least $25 - $50 per day, contact me through Softduit Partners.  Within 6 months, you might even be making enough money to think about giving up your day job!

I'm not saying you have to do Google Adwords to make money, but it can help.  Still I always advise that you make some money first and invest in yourself and your website with a small portion of your profits.

So the next time you write the killer article about some esoteric topic such as cbu mailboxes or secured mailboxes or even cluster mailboxes, and you want to push your article and your blog up in the search engine results, set a goal and a budget and try a short trial run with Google Adwords, running it for a week or 2.  Then shut it off and analyze the lessons you learned from the experience.

You can even blog about it, and if you are working through my programs, you'll probably make money blogging about it!

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