Friday, September 07, 2007

Netscape Bookmarks

Here's a great way to build up some links for your site and some traffic too.

Once you publish an article, simply post the link, title and summary of that article at netscape.

You pick up an indexing link and its pointing in, plus you stand a better chance of people following the link back to your site from Netscape.

Push these links into Netscape regularly, and you will see a strong benefit in page rank results when Google follows through on the next update.  Its simple to do, but does take a couple minutes.  Try and work it into your article writing and publishing routine, before you jump away too fast to read something else or write a different topic.

You are not throwing out the kitchen sinks when you spend that extra minute promoting your article or your site.  You do want people to read the articles and you do want maximum exposure, so pay yourself a 1 minute reward!

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